A long time―scale of geology and natural history should be one of the important points for students to totally see a natural environment of the local area. It also gives a basic viewpoint to understand the regional and global problems ; large―scaled and rapid change of natural environments exceeding the ordinary transitions.

 Presented here is a case of the elementary school class to study a geologic history of a local area in the northeast of Miyagi Prefecture, where various natural environments have been utilized and protected. Although the students have commonly seen their landscapes, they have unfortunately less known geology and its history of the land. The lecture and field geology class gave them a good experience to learn the long―time history as well as a good opportunity to look a wonderful and proud point of the natural environments in their own country again.

 The nature and natural history in local area should be a first step of study in the environmental education of elementary school, followed by the social and life histories of the same area in next steps. These successive studies of local histories must be needed especially for students in country sides, because they will assume the sustainable development in the most critical area for regional environment in near future.