Abstract : The importance of environmental education (EE) and the education for sustainable development (ESD) in schools is recognized all over the world. In Japanese schools, however, subjects in the field of EE and ESD are not always related. That is, EE and ESD are not always based on the organic unity of environmental subjects. The knowledge area to which EE and ESD relate is very extensive in fostering the awareness of EE and ESD. Therefore, schools require support from NGOs and NPOs and institutions of higher education. There is an urgent need for schools and their supporters to develop effective teaching materials and practical programs that integrate closely related subjects. To put it concretely, this project advances the development of EE and ESD curriculum of closely related subjects in school education and the development and assessment of the method for evaluating materials for them. By applying the resources of "ELFE" successfully, this project will contribute to the enrichment of EE and ESD in various regions and schools.  The center "ELFE" opened on May 17, 2006 in Miyagi University of Education (MUE). This project involves creating the total support system EE techno-core -ELFE- (http://elfe.miyakyo-u.ac.jp) that can supply practical programs, teaching materials and support to schools nationwide for kindergarten, primary and junior high school students, on demand. The center is based on five pillars, that is, 1) Free distribution of teaching materials, 2) Learning in the MUE Campus, 3) Lending EE teaching materials, 4) Distribution of information of EE through Web, and 5) Human support by graduate course students and teaching stuffs of "ELFE".  This report will mention the results of activities and contributions of "ELFE" to school EE /ESD in this year, and also some assignments to be solved in near future.

キーワード : 環境教育、教材ライブラリー、学校支援、ESD